Air Conditioning

Stuck in traffic in the Texas heat is the last place you want to be without Air Conditioning. Don’t get stuck in the heat, keep your A/C frosty.

Parts & Services

A/C compressor, belts & hoses, evaporator, freon, etc.

Air Filtration

Your air filters are the lungs of your car. Your cabin filter protects you and your family from harmful gases while your engine filter keeps your vehicle performing at its best. If performance is what you’re after, we have the kit you’re looking for. Factory replacement air filters are usually a very quick fix and we should have you in and out in a hurry.


We offer laser wheel alignments for vehicles with up to 30″ wheels… If you let go of the wheel and your car makes a full turn you probably need an alignment. However, sometimes an alignment may not be the answer to your problem. A damaged ball joint or control arm could cause a perfectly aligned car to steer incorrectly as well.

Battery & Electrical System

There has never been a convenient time to turn the key and have nothing happen. Most of the time this is due to a dead battery.Your vehicle’s mechanical functions are dependent upon its electrical components and a simple check can prevent most of these problems from occurring.

Parts & Services

Alternator, battery, starter, etc.


Your brake system is one the most import functions of your vehicle’s safety. A brake job could range from having your rotors resurfaced to new pads and rotors all around. We will point out exactly what you need and make sure you understand what’s being done and why. We offer free brake inspections and will never sell you anything you don’t need.

Parts & Services

Calipers, hydraulic system – cylinders, pads, rotors, etc.

Chassis & Front End

Besides your shocks, the components of the chassis keep your vehicle gliding across the road smoothly while driving on rough roads. A worn steering and suspension system can create excess noise, tire wear, vibration, and alignment issues.

Parts & Services

Ball joint, bushings, control arm, CV axle, gear box, hub bearing, rack & pinion, tie rod, etc.

Cooling System

Your engine is the hardest working component of your vehicle and can become very hot. Engine repair or replacement can be very expensive but keeping your vehicle’s cooling system operating efficiently can prevent these more expensive problems from occurring.

Parts & Services

Belts & hoses, coolant, radiator, thermostat, water pump, etc.

Engine Replacement

An engine replacement is the most expensive repair your vehicle might need. Luckily, this can almost always be prevented by keeping other components of your vehicle properly maintained. It’s easy to forget about minor problems as long as you’re getting from point A to point B. Listen to your vehicle and prevent engine replacement from becoming a necessity.

Exhaust System

This is where we got our start over 53 years ago. If you’re looking for custom exhaust, we are the shop for you. In addition to factory replacement options, we also offer custom pipe bending, high performance name brand mufflers and professional welding.

Parts & Services

Catalytic converters, chrome tips, custom pipe bending, dual exhaust, headers, mufflers, O2 sensor, etc.

Free Computer Diagnostics

When your vehicle’s check engine light appears there is usually one or more codes that will pinpoint the area of your vehicle that’s malfunctioning. We will scan your vehicle’s computer system and explain the meaning of each code received for free!

Free Estimates

After we have diagnosed your vehicle, we will explain the services needed to repair your vehicle and quote you a price. This entire step of the process is free and we will stick by our quote. What you decide to do after that is completely up to you. You should never have to pay for a diagnosis and estimate.

Fuel System

Having a clean fuel system will increase your vehicle’s performance and save you money at the pump. Over time, engine deposits and debris will find their way into your fuel system, causing it to work harder. Burning dirty fuel is also a major cause of premature catalytic converter failure.

Parts & Services

Fuel filter, fuel injection, fuel pump, throttle body, etc.

Oil Change & Filter

Your vehicle’s engine is an extremely hard working component with many fast moving parts. Your vehicle’s oil keeps these parts properly lubricated and working smoothly under extreme conditions. Keeping your oil changed regularly will keep your engine running efficiently and prevent much more expensive repairs in the future.

Parts & Services

Oil, oil filter, fluid checks, etc.

Power Steering

Without power steering it would be very difficult to turn your steering wheel. Your power steering is working very hard to make sure you don’t have to. Erratic steering assistance, loud whining noises and difficulty turning are all signs of power steering damage.

Parts & Services

Belts & hoses, gear box, power steering pump, rack & pinion, etc.

Quality Parts

We use quality name brand parts and can even get you factory replacement parts from the dealership if that’s what you prefer. We offer replacement parts if you are looking for a cost efficient fix, as well as, top of the line performance parts for the car enthusiast. Let us know what you want and we will get it.

Scheduled Maintenance

Is it time for your 30K, 60K, 90K scheduled maintenance? We’ve got you covered! Don’t over pay the dealership to perform your vehicle’s factory scheduled maintenance.

Parts & Services

Oil change & filter, air filters, belts & hoses, check fluids, etc.

Shocks & Struts

Along with the components of your chassis, your shocks & struts keep your vehicle riding smoothly. One sign of bad shocks or struts is excessive bouncing. This can create uneven wear on your tires and an uncomfortable driving experience.

Parts & Services

Air bag suspension, lowering & lifting kits, mounts, shocks, struts, springs, etc.

State Inspection

According to the Texas DPS, an inspection certificate expires on the last day of the month that is indicated on the windshield. Inspecting your vehicle seems like a tedious chore, but it’s worth the money you’ll save in fines if you happen to be pulled over. Don’t get caught with an expired sticker!

Towing Available

If your vehicle breaks down and you’re stranded, no worries, we’ll pick you up. We will have a tow truck take your vehicle to one of our two locations and get you back on the road in no time.

Transmission Service

Is your vehicle making grinding noises or struggling to shift? If so, you might have transmission problems. Your transmission is the link between your engine and wheels and has a complex arrangement of moving parts. Keeping your transmission fluid clean will help maintain the life of these complex moving parts.

Parts & Services

Bearings, CV axle, drivetrain, filter services, gaskets, seals, U joints, etc.

Tune Up

If your vehicle is running bad, don’t expect a tune up to fix it. However, if your spark plugs or ignition system is worn or overdue you should have them replaced. Bad spark plugs can cause your vehicle to misfire which will affect performance and result in bad gas mileage.

Parts & Services

Ignition system, ignition wires, intakes, spark plugs, vacuum leaks, etc.

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